Benefits of Cotton Socks

Pure cotton socks are soft and comfortable with the advantage of sweat absorption and breathability. The sweat-absorbent property of pure cotton socks makes you feel dry and comfortable at any time of the day. Also, for people with sweaty feet, it may be a good choice to wear a pair of cotton socks that smell and don't get wet. If the socks are made of chemical fibers such as polyester or acrylic fiber, although they may look like pure cotton socks, they will be both comfortable and slippery, smelly and stuffy when worn on the feet.

The socks must be made of natural material in the selection of socks. Cotton socks should not contain a polyester blend. Organic socks produced from bamboo fibers provide comfort to the feet with their special texture. The selected bamboo socks should not squeeze the feet. Socks that squeeze the foot in shoes can cause nail infections. For this reason, it is more appropriate if socks that take the shape of the foot and do not compress are preferred. Socks, also known as orthopedic socks, adapt to the shape of the foot.

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