About us

We are started this business in 1990’s in Turkey, working with “Penti” &"Italiana".
In the UK, we observed a gap in the Fashion Tights, and we joined the market with Penti, which we trusted in its quality.
Our Mission
  • Our personalised products and services enrich women's lives, we make it easy, we give you experiences that feel special.
  • Extraordinary satisfaction in our customers by going beyond expectations we aim to create.
  • Our claim to make a difference and our passionate understanding of service to our consumers we work to be a source of trust, appreciation and happiness.
Our values
  • Power: we create opportunities for women to be empowered in all areas of society.
  • Confidence: we keep our customers in the focus of all organisations and processes.
  • Cooperation: work with pleasure, collaboration and teamwork to our goals we get.
  • Courage: encourages taking initiative, paving the way for in-house entrepreneurship we'll open it.
  • Competition: our leadership and competitiveness come from continuous development.


Our motto is "Final touch to make a stylish combination".