Picking the Right Sock Style: What Your Socks Say About You

Picking the Right Sock Style: What Your Socks Say About You

Having healthy feet is the foundation for making sure the rest of your body is healthy, so it's important to take care of them. Taking care of your feet can also include finding comfortable or fun socks to dress them in. 

Do you know your sock style? There are so many different styles of socks to choose from! From cotton socks to formal socks to socks that feature fun pictures, there's a sock style out there for you. 

Read on to learn about the different styles of socks before picking some that are just right for you. 

Low Cut Socks vs High Socks

One thing you will notice when it comes to socks is that they come in all sizes and lengths. 

Ankle socks are socks that end at your ankles. They are best for sneakers or other low shoes. They can be uncomfortable with high-top shoes or boots as they can get scrunched up under your ankle and be hard to adjust. 

Ankle socks will usually peek out at the top of your shoe so you can show off the colour or design of your shoe. You can also opt for no-show socks that will mostly stay hidden in shoes like flats or loafers. 

High socks are perfect for those that want to show off their socks or wear comfortable socks while working.

Tube socks, crew socks, and tennis socks are all great choices for high socks and look good with most boots, work shoes, and tennis shoes. 

Humorous Socks

Did you know that there are funny socks for every type of humour? Socks are a great way to put some subtle humour in your day.

Humorous socks can be any sock that brings a smile to your face. This can be something as simple as socks featuring a thumbs-up print or as absurd as a rabbit that breathes fire.

There are also plenty of socks that feature funny characters like aliens or cute one-eyed monsters. There are prints featuring smiling cats and pineapples wearing sunglasses. There is a cute, funny print for everyone out there!   

Socks That Show Your Personality

One of the best things about socks is that they're a great way to add your personality to an outfit in a subtle way.

Even if you have to wear a uniform for the day or stick to professional clothing, you can still express yourself with socks! 

If you're an animal lover, there are plenty of socks that will show your love for your favourite animals, sometimes even fictional animals like dragons or mermaids. 

Love holidays? There are plenty of fun Christmas and Halloween socks that you can wear all year long. 

Maybe you love loud, bright colours; there are plenty of socks for that! Try out rainbow socks and socks with bold patterns. 

Socks come with every print you can imagine, from money signs to guitars to mushrooms, there is a print out there that you will love. 

Find Your New Sock Style Today

Now you know the different types of socks to choose from the next time it's time to buy new socks. Whether you love ankle socks or it's funny socks that brighten your day, the perfect sock style for you is out there.

At Fashion Tight, we're all about providing the best socks and tights for every style. Check out our wide selection of socks to find your new favourites today! 

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