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Penti Dreamer Pink Fashion Tights



    • Silky Smooth, Durable and Remarkably Comfortable
    • 88% Polyamide -7% Polypropylene - 5% Elastane
    • Elastic Band: ultra-soft, suitable for everyday wear
    • Smooth and Remarkably Comfortable Thickness, More Durable
    • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-slip, Breathable, 30 DEN-Sheer-Shiny-Reinforced


    Item Specifics

    Color : Black

    Two size(1/2- S-M, 3/4- L-XL)

    Composition : 88% Polyamide - 7% Polypropylene - 5% Elastane

    Thickness: 30 DEN, Reinforced Toe: Extra strong toe area, which reduces laddering, extending the product life.


    Item Description

    Complete your strong stance with Dreamer Pink Pantyhose! Dreamer Pink Pantyhose with its upper part in transparent texture makes a difference with its thick texture starting from just below the knees and “Dreamer” inscription on the line details. The Dreamer Pink Pantyhose with a high waist model grasps your skin in a delicate way and ensures a perfect appearance of the body lines and promises a comfortable use with its non-slip structure. You can choose Dreamer Pink Pantyhose, which has an original design, even on the coldest winter days, and you can draw all eyes with your style.

    Made in Turkey. High quality Turkish textile.

    Additional Information
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester

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